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Crypto Giant FTX Buying Stake in Stocktwits: Sources


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The big question is whether StockTwits can lure a growing number of crypto investors to its platform and whether these investors will choose to continue posting relevant messages via their network. Trading is highly competitive, yet traders like to talk, and StockTwits – “the largest social network for investors and traders” – is where they often do it. StockTwits is a social network for investors and traders, giving them a platform to share assertions and perceptions, analyses and predictions. Studies apply non-parametric wavelet Granger causality testing to investigate bi-directional causalities of cryptocurrencies with Twitter and Google. However, this method only provides the existence of information flows without quantization and assumes time series are linear.

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Stocktwits Alternatives

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An investment project may be capital constrained when its risk exceeds the risk limit of prospective investors. The proposed arrangement of performance-sharing thus ensures that the investors with constrained risk limits take less share of performance during high-risk episodes, while the less constrained investors are more exposed. The former pay a premium to the latter to compensate for the partial risk transfer. The proposed performance-sharing agreement is expected to be especially useful for risk-constrained equity investors who are restricted in their use of risk-free investments to reduce investment risk.

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Sponsorships involved the NBA btc stock twits Miami HEAT, which has renamed its 19,000-capacity home court to the FTX Arena as part of a 19-year, $135 million deal. Partnership in crypto, signing a five-year deal with Major League Baseball. Meme stock” phenomenon of early 2021 brought even more users to the site, many of whom had never used it before. Please enable JavaScript or switch to a supported browser to continue using

If you do not have enough friends to earn a Reward, our system will suggest “strangers” who are also looking for the same type of reward. By creating a group of friends together to share experiences and reward from the cashback system. You can also, on behalf of team members, make decisions to buy or sell coins to bring profit to members in the group. With your experience and reputation in trading cryptocurrencies, you can share or suggest to people who are following you a good list of coins so that they can be considered before making the right investment decisions.

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Cryptocurrencies and momentum

Contributing to the budding literature on how emotional and sentimental actions impact the performance of financial markets, this study examines the predictability of energy futures prices with investors’ sentiments. In particular, we examine which of the three investors’ sentiments offer accurate forecast information on four energy futures prices. Using the predictability test proposed by Westerlund and Narayan , we discover that all the forms of investors’ sentiments are significant predictors of the movements in energy futures prices.


Section 2 describes the two types of data used all along with the papers. Section 4 analyses the results considering the whole sample and two subsamples. Compare Stocktwits alternatives for your business or organization using the curated list below. SourceForge ranks the best alternatives to Stocktwits in 2023.

Stocktwits Expands into Equities, Undeterred by Market Qualms

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BMO Capital Maintains Outperform on Nuvei, Lowers Price Target to ….

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Researching the behavior around our Earnings Calendar revealed it’s a popular feature for those who use it. Insights like these may impact our internal decision making around the navigation flow of our apps to make useful features like these easier to discover for new users. Insights Research involves looking at the content produced on our platform to derive unique insights from the StockTwits community as it relates to the market, or a specific event about the market. This might pertain to how sentiment and message volume on StockTwits changed for Tesla leading up to/following an earnings report. It could also summarize our community’s reaction to volatility in Bitcoin pricing.


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Consistent with the kind of social sentiment data that StockTwits has traditionally produced and marketed to systematic investors, the firm is now producing sentiment data on these crypto oriented messages. As you might guess, the one big difference between the crypto data and all of StockTwits other sentiment data is the lack of history for this dataset. However, given the fact that there are no other comparable investor sentiment data on the crypto currency markets, a few investors have been willing to give this new dataset a try. Currently, less than a handful of investors have licensed the new crypto datafeed, while more than a dozen firms are actively testing it. In addition to Reddit’s r/wallstreetbets, the online message boards of Stocktwits played a major role in facilitating a frenzy of retail traders to boost such what became meme stocks, such as GameStop and AMC.

It has everything from an anonymous creator to anarcho-capitalist devotees to disappearing CEOs who may have died or stolen hundreds of millions. When expanded it provides a list of search options that will switch the search inputs to match the current selection. Stocktwits declined to confirm or deny the deal, while FTX and Bankman-Fried did not immediately reply to requests for comment. The investment is a logical extension of FTX’s recent bid to raise its brand profile. The deal will see FTX invest in Stocktwits and potentially acquire it outright.