The Earth Balloon allows students to learn about geography, earth science and environmental science.  It promotes map skills development, and is an interactive, hands-on exhibit – engaging and fun!

~ Students enter The Earth Balloon through a zipper at the International Date Line

~ Students stand/sit on Antartica when inside The Earth Balloon.

~ Students can see the Earth in its entirety from inside The Earth Balloon.

~ The Earth Balloon is constructed of 24 panels, one for evey hour of the day to represent time zones.

~The Earth Balloon’s scale is 1″ on The Earth Balloon equals 30 miles on the Earth.

~ Set up can easily be done by one person, with access to one plug in, in about 10 minutes.

~ Take down can also be done by one person, in about 15 minutes.

~ Grade level specific and standards-based lessons focusing on water (quality/quantity), landforms, bodies of water, ecosystems, AND MORE!

~ Program can easily be adapted to specific needs and local requests.

To schedule the earth balloon at your educational event contact your local conservation district.