Oral Presentation

Oral Presentations are the ultimate challenge in Envirothon competition.  Team members are required to
work together to develop and stage a ten minute presentation on a scenario related to the current issue
topic for the year.  In Kansas, Oral Presentations are not used at regional events, but are a mandatory element at the Kansas
Envirothon competition.  Presentations will need to be on a flash drive and handed in the day of competition. 

2022 Kansas Envirothon – Oral Presentation

Team Presentation Information

 General topic:  Waste to Resources.  The oral presentation scenario and resource suggestions are attached and can also be found on the Kansas Envirothon Resources page.


1. Oral Presentation is required for all teams competing in the Kansas Envirothon competition. 100 points are possible for a ten-minute presentation.


2. Presentation notes may only be printed on 3x5 index cards.


  1. Visual aides may consist of digital media including power point presentations created by the team. No movies or video clips will be included in the power points.  These visual aides are intended to be used as an adjunct to the Oral Presentation and not as the actual presentation.  Please bring a copy of your presentation to registration and have it on a flash drive., we will return it to you after the competition.


4. Each team will also be given a team number at the time of registration. The team will only identify themselves by this number when giving their presentation.


  1. It is the Kansas Envirothon Committee’s intention that this presentation be researched, written and the power point prepared by the team members.  Follow up questions from the judges will not be able to be used to further assess the student’s actual knowledge of the subject.


6. A portion of each team’s presentation score will be based on equal participation of ALL TEAM MEMBERS. Each team member is expected to take an active role in the oral presentation.


7. Scoring will be based on the enclosed Team Presentation Scoring and Judging Criteria


8. Teams will receive the judges’ scoring sheets.

To see the Score Sheet click here



2022 Oral Presentation 

2022 Kansas Envirothon


Oral Presentation Question- Waste to Resources


The World is filling up with human generated waste products and the United States is one of the leaders of the pack.  Waste disposal takes up land mass, generates greenhouse gases, pollutes our soil and water and these detriments are borne disproportionately by impoverished nations and peoples. This year’s Envirothon Current Issue topic is “Waste to Resources” and encourages us to look at what we dispose of as a resource that we can use to our benefit.


For this year’s Oral Presentation, the Kansas Envirothon committee wants you, as a team, to come up with a Waste to Resource project and present that to your panel of judges.


The projects must be realistic, (don’t come up with a project where you partner with Elon Musk to bring back space debris for recycling) but can be done on any scale that you choose, within your community, state, region, or nation.  Explain how you would find and gather your resource. Explore how you would market this effort to your audience and tell us how your final product would be distributed and used.  Look at the logistics of your process, do you need to be near transportation hubs or can your product be collected and distributed locally.  What are the financial commitments involved? Will you need to pay for your resources, what size workforce will need to be employed or are you going to rely on volunteers.  What are the potential down sides of your project?  Do you expect support or push-back from community leaders?  What are unexpected benefits that your project might have environmentally and or economically.


We have attached a few stories about Waste to Resource successes to help get you started.  We can’t wait to see what you come up with.








Resource reference study materials follow link below